Download the application service of taxi “Virage” and order a taxi from any point of the city: Odesa, Dnipro and Lviv no problem!

To order a taxi you need to enter only the point of departure and destination. 

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Taxi “Virage” in Lviv: quickly, efficiently, comfortably

A trip around the city by taxi – now commonplace. People who value their time and reasonable approach to cost, understood the benefits of this service. Order Taxi “Virage” in Lviv is possible both in the traditional way by phone or on-line registration applications via the Internet. And after 10-15 minutes you can go on a journey by car of our company. Experienced driver pave the most efficient route, quickly and comfortably takes you to the destination.

Benefits of taxi in Lviv

Taxi “Virage” offers a wide range of services for passengers and cargo. Our competitive advantages are based on not only undeniable quality services but also reasonable prices combined with a loyalty program and a system of discounts for regular customers. After our taxi service you can be sure of:

  • 100% supply of the car as soon as possible;
  • transportration of passengers and goods in the city and beyond;
  • trip to the airport or to the station in time to a flight, meeting client on arrival;
  • courier documents, correspondence;
  • transportation of pets;
  • servicing celebrations and corporate events.

We are always ready to consider any details to provide the most accurate order fulfillment. Just dial our phone number of a taxi. Experienced operators send the closest team to your address, so that the waiting time for a car reduces to a minimum. If you order a taxi in Lviv on-line, a sound of a feedback call will ring for 5-7 minutes. The operator will discuss with you all the questions to meet fully guaranteed trip conditions.

You can take advantage of pre-order the car, and the driver of the company will arrive at the exactly appointed time. All applications are processed quickly, their performance is strictly controlled.

How to order a taxi in Lviv

Order taxi in Lviv doesn’t make difficulties. And in the time of information technology capabilities greatly enhanced. Contact dispatching service “Virage” by using:

  • phone call;
  • online ordering on the site;
  • order a mobile application that can be installed on gadgets running Android or iOS.

We are always available at any time of the day. In Ukraine a taxi service is easy, saving time and money.